The following documents are required for the issuance of the certificate for qualified signature:

  • Document confirming identity: a valid identity document (ID card, residence card) issued by Poland or another European Union country or a valid passport (issued in any country).
  • If a PESEL number is to be entered on the certificate, the document must contain a PESEL number or proof of assignment of the PESEL number must be provided
  • If an identity document number is to be entered in the certificate (instead of a PESEL number), this specific, valid identity document must be presented at a meeting with our Registration Inspector
  • In case a NIP number is to be entered in the certificate (instead of the PESEL number): the original of the NIP number assigned to the natural person for whom the certificate is issued (original document for inspection, copy for file)
  • If some data are to be entered in the certificate in the field “Professional position”: a document confirming specific rights (depending on the type of data entered – e.g. the right to pursue a given regulated profession, authorisation to issue student cards, authorisation of the company to enter a given position, diploma to award a degree, etc.).
  • In case the data of the organisation is to be entered in the certificate: Authorisation to receive a certificate with the organisation’s data, signed by an authorised person. An authorisation is not required if the person’s entitlement results from the NCR/CEiDG register or the Act (in case of administrative bodies).
  • In case of taking advantage of the discount for certificate renewal (see Certificate Renewal Conditions) and it is NOT a Cencert certificate: documents confirming the right to purchase the certificate at the renewal price (e.g. agreement with the issuer of the previous qualified certificate, acceptance protocol including dates and personal data, etc.)