Electronic signature to the NCR

Reports to the NCR and electronic signature

This method of recording reports is already required by law. All companies registered in the National Court Register are obliged to submit
their financial statements only in electronic form. An electronic signature is essential for the report to be properly submitted to the NCR. It can also be done with the trusted ePUAP
profile. The reports, accepted by the supervisory body, should be signed by at least one person authorized to represent the entity, whose PESEL number is disclosed in the NCR.

Remember that if you want to submit an annual financial statement to the National Court Register or inform that your company is not obliged to prepare it, you can do it only via the
Internet. In this case, an electronic signature for the submission of the NCR report is necessary.

It is worth knowing that the Ministry of Finance made available free of charge the tool: e-financial statements app, to create financial statements by entities registered in the
register of entrepreneurs of the National Court Register. By using this application you can be sure that the financial statement file will be generated in the required format and
according to the required logical structures, so the electronic signature to the NCR will be used as intended.

The electronic form is also mandatory for the following other documents used in business:

  1. report on operations;
  2. report on payments to public administration;
  3. auditor’s opinion/report on the audit of the annual financial statements;
  4. report on the activities of the capital group;
  5. report on the activities of the parent company;
  6. consolidated report on payments to public administration.

The above documents should be prepared in the form of a file that can be saved and read by means of a computer program, e.g. as a text file, graphic file or mixed file and signed
electronically with a qualified electronic signature or a trusted profile.

If the User has doubts as to how to prepare a financial statement, we encourage him to use the information on the Tax Portal, including answers to frequently asked questions about e-financial statements.

CenCert’s employees will be happy to help and give the necessary advice on the electronic signature tool, also in the context of NCR.

Where do I get a qualified signature?

Check e-signature