Electronic signature and e-declarations

Looking for information on what e-declarations and electronic signature are?

We will try to provide some of the most essential information. From 1 January 2015, every entity with more than five employees is obliged to submit PIT-11, CIT-8 and IFT-2 declarations exclusively in electronic form.

For sending tax returns directly from the e-declaration portal, a person authorised to submit an e-declaration (using an e-signature) should purchase an e-signature kit containing: a qualified certificate, a cryptographic card, a card reader.

Wondering how to submit e-declarations? Remember, there are several ways you can do this. you can implement e-declarations and electronic signature among other things using:

Interactive form

 To do this:

  • go to the e-declarations tab at tax.gov.pl
  • select the tax you are interested in and download the appropriate form
  • fill in the form
  • sign it with a qualified signature or the authorization data
  • download and save the Official Receipt Certificate (UPO)

Important to remember: e-declarations are associated with an electronic signature.

Financial and accounting system module

With the use of appropriate applications (modules) you can send e-declarations electronically, directly from financial and accounting systems and automatically sign electronically all sent declarations. Use an e-signature.

To do this:

  • download the appropriate logical structure from the XML document structure section
  • fill in and send the document from your application
  • download and save the Official Receipt Certificate (UPO)

Universal Document Gateway

To do this:

  • launch the appropriate application (module) in accordance with the specification of Inputs – Outputs available in the tab – IT documentation
  • fill in the form
  • sign it with a qualified signature or with authorization data
  • send the document to the UBD
  • download and save the Official Receipt Certificate (UPO)

Each action during the use of e-declarations is associated with an electronic signature.

To send the forms correctly, install on your system:

  1. Electronic signature creation kit (reader and e-signature software) – when sending forms signed with a qualified electronic signature. Remember to use an e-signature.
  2. Adobe Reader available free of charge on the Adobe website. Interactive forms require at least version 9.0.0.
  3.  Plug-in required to send tax documents electronically, filled out in interactive forms in PDF format

Where do I get my electronic signature?

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